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Quit Breaking Ball Joints
In order to build a better ball joint, Todd Keller had to reimagine the stock ball joint design. With two pieces instead of one and no snap ring, our Can-Am Renegade Keller Ball Joints are the most durable on the market. The threaded housing and stud are made from hardened chromoly steel and they’re the perfect package for anyone who wants to ride hard and push their ATV to its limits.

Industry-Leading Durability
Our two-piece Keller Ball Joints are virtually impossible to knock loose once they’re installed. That’s because one half presses into your A-arm and the other half threads on the other side. Once it’s installed, you can take your lifted and loaded Renegade anywhere you want with the throttle held wide open. Plus, they’re easily adjustable and greaseable, so they feel just as good on day 1000 as they did on day 1.

Keller Ball Joints Let You Ride Hard
Get lifted, put on the biggest mud tires you can find, and go have some fun. Without a snap ring to fail on you, you can go all weekend long without stopping to replace a ball joint. They’re the perfect choice for anybody that likes to push their parts to the limit.
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