About Us

About us

At a young age I grew a passion for anything with a motor. I started out on dirtbikes around the age of 3 which than turned into 4 wheelers, and then cars and trucks. Basically anything I could make go fast and look cool, I was all about! As you get a little older, finding time to do the hobbies you love becomes harder, but we still find every chance we can to get out and ride. I now have little ones of my own, who are following and enjoying the same hobbies I do. This is what drove me to starting this company, I want to not only help people fix and customize their units.. but I want to encourage families to get out and spend time together on 4 wheels! This is more then a business to me... this is an excuse for me to be able to get out and spend time with family and friends doing what we love! (And just call it work)