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Get Big Gains Easily
Your Can-Am Renegade has power that it's leaving on the table. Get that power back and boost your overall performance with our Can-Am Renegade Rev1 Dynojet Power Vision 3 ECU Tuner. The Power Vision 3 is easy to use, and it raises your limiters so you get noticeable gains that will put a smile on your face.

Raises Limiters
Our Power Vision 3 tuners boost performance by raising speed and rev limiters. They adjust engine timing to squeeze out even the smallest bit of extra horsepower too. Besides adding strength to your machine, they also give you faster limp mode, and lower fan temps. Whether it’s more power, speed, or fuel efficiency, you should have the freedom to optimize your ride the way you want.

Easy to Use
This tuner takes just a few minutes to install because it plugs right into the standard diagnostic port—no finagling required. The bright, full-color screen is easy to read, too, so you won’t be left trying to decipher some unreadable nonsense to get the info you need.

Live Diagnostics
Don’t put on the brakes just to check your diagnostics. You can leave this tuner plugged in for live diagnostics while you ride. It will give you up-to-date readings on RPM, coolant temp, wheel speed, and more all while you’re still rolling. It also logs all that data so you can inspect it with Power Core tuning software on your computer. Power Core lets you tweak your own tunes, too, so you can customize your machine down to the smallest details.

Power Vision 3 Gives You:
Higher rev limits
Higher speed limits
Lower fan temps
Faster limp mode
Simultaneous gas and brake
Tweakable tunes
Live diagnostic tool
Data logging
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